Normalising Vaccine Injuries: eyes open for new propaganda campaigns

Have you noticed a spate of articles warning us about heart, blood, stroke and other related issues that also seem to correlate with the reported vaccine injury list?

Have you ever heard that cold weather causes heart attacks and blood clots? (And with a Dad who suffered from heart disease who had a triple bypass at age 80 and lived in the Snowy Mountains, I hadn't either)

Looking on the bright side, the comments reveal the public are largely not falling for it. But it's not much of a factor according to this doctor's forum:

A 'baffling' rise in blocked arteries has been reported in Scotland, but no mention of cold weather?

Never heard of "winter vagina" either, and there's those blood clot warnings again...

Strokes in Children - yes it does happen, but it is very, VERY rare and doesn't even rate a mention in government statistics, so why the sudden urge to spend advertising money on it?

We can see from the data that the incidence of strokes has been declining since 2000. I will be keeping a screenshot of these statistics for future reference.

Another ponder on the 'sudden rise' in heart attacks in younger demographics - fast food and bad habits - certainly not disputing that is a factor, but we've had fast food for quite some time now is that really the cause of a sudden rise?

Oh maybe it's not fast food after all - it's from Marijuana use!

Be on the lookout for articles and advertising like this. Be aware of what the real intention is.

With vaccines now approved for 5-11 year olds in Australia, we WILL be seeing a raft of new articles normalising blood clots, strokes & heart attacks in children. Don't fall for it.

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