New Study Showing Negative Efficacy - Are We Looking at the Greatest Health Disaster in History?

The latest published data from Denmark has found that protection from infection against Omicron for the ‘fully vaccinated’ with Pfizer wanes after just 30 days, and worse, after 60-90 days it plunges into ‘negative efficacy’

That means you are MORE likely to be infected (76% in this study) 60-90 days after you’ve been ‘fully vaccinated’.

How is this possible? Why is the Australian government refusing to show us the data on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated hospitalisations?

Does the vaccine damage people’s immune systems making them more susceptible to infection as many leading immunologists warned?

Are ‘booster’ shots trading short term ‘protection’ for a long-term weakening of the immune system?

How can we trust a government that has single-mindedly pushed vaccines as the only solution, leaving you with little choice but to take them, at the same time as covering up the truth of this health catastrophe and instead, doubling down with the reckless insanity of boosters every 3 months?