New Aussie Website tracks TGA data, showing deaths and adverse reactions

The comprehensive dashboard reveals the data that can be difficult to extract from the TGA website, showing the huge variety of adverse reactions being reported.

With the recent reluctant release by Pfizer, via a FOI request (Freedom of Information), we now know the extent of the potential side effects.

Sadly, many of the reported adverse reactions and deaths have been immediately dismissed by the TGA, as they were not known as being related to the vaccine - data supplied, not by independent researchers, but by the manufacturers.

With the FOI revealing hundreds more potential side effects, the whole database should be independently reviewed. Will it be? Looking at the track record of the TGA, it's not just doubtful, it simply won't happen.

There has not been a single autopsy or independent investigation to any of the hundreds and hundreds of deaths reported following vaccination.

If only the same diligence in seeking out deaths or damaging health conditions relating to Covid was applied to vaccine injuries & deaths...