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"Mystery" Hepatitis Attacking Children

We have frightening reports of a “mysterious” outbreak of hepatitis, with at least one death and many liver transplants. Note, “the usual suspects”, the hepatitis viruses, have been ruled out. Hmmmm. Authorities are scrambling across the world to figure it out. They are trying to even blame the coronavirus! (Of course to force more vaccines).

By: Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Now let’s connect some dots. It is in many countries, and several U.S. states. There doesn’t seem likely to be a transmissible person to person infectious component for it to pop up like this across oceans amongst non-traveling children.

One different suspect has not even been mentioned – COVID genetic jabs! We know that young people are suffering from NON-INFECTIOUS myocarditis and many athletes have keeled over on the field.

Now you know we are all unique individuals, not identical genetically engineered lab rats. Your body will handle a stress/toxin different than the next person. Yours might do just fine with the toxin. The next person might see the toxin (spike protein) accumulate in his heart > myocarditis (NOT infectious).

And yet another might see the spike protein accumulate in the liver > hepatitis. Any cell the spike protein attaches to is marked as foreign and the immune system will be called in to attack. In certain genetically susceptible children, might it be possible for the injected RNA to generate spike protein which the liver will attempt to clean up and thereby be the stand in target for immune attack?


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