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MUST READ: The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset

The best short summary of the technocommunist power grab that we are currently fighting against.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

When I was studying economics at university, my favorite macroeconomics professor was a man from Africa who was awarded an Ivy League scholarship when he was a young scholar looking for a better life for himself. I will never forget how Professor W taught the subject of Malthusian economics, or Malthusianism. He would cite many historical examples of food and resource scarcity as a function of being linear, and with each case study he would convince us that exponential overpopulation was the main driver of immanent societal collapse at those particular times. And every single time he would debunk the associated fearmongering du jour by referring to the various technological innovations which always negated the Malthusian doomsday theses.

In retrospect, what is most fascinating to me is that Professor W came from an impoverished nation, and was an extreme outlier cherry picked to be educated at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. He was the perfect candidate for total Ivory Tower UN, WEF, CFR indoctrination, and he was for all intents and purposes groomed to indoctrinate future generations of his students. Instead, Professor W used rigorously honest analyses and irrefutable historical facts to disprove the scam that was Malthus, and in so doing he was subverting the very institutions that provided him his dream career.

Professor W never brought up Malthusianism in terms of eugenics, more at dysgenics. He never publicly made the connections between the vaccination depopulation schemes foisted on the African continent by Rockefeller Foundation creation Bill Gates, nor did he ever invoke colonialism, the Fabian Society, UN, WEF, CFR or any of the other Neo-Malthusian fear peddlers.


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