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More stories of vaccine induced suffering flood in

Adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are increasingly common. Watch this interview with Federal Senator Gerard Rennick about his ultimatum to Scott Morrison to revoke the mandates.

What kind of government forces you to choose between having a vaccine or losing your job? Or makes you pay for your own complicated, ongoing medical care when you’ve become severely debilitated after following their demands? Or that silences you when you report a vaccine injury and then instructs you to get another injection anyway?

The Australian Government does. No, this is not scaremongering or the ravings of a wild ‘anti-vaxxer’. It is all true.

Queensland LNP Senator Gerard Rennick was last week interviewed by Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy Australia. He expressed his shock at the number of stories that have been told to him by people with severe, debilitating reactions to the vaccines. Among these reactions are paralysis, stroke and blood clots in a 19-year-old. His shock has recently turned to dismay as he has been unable to find a journalist who will report the truth.

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From Adam

“5 days in hospital after 2nd Pfizer shot, server chest pain, shortness of breath and pain running down arm. ecg was out and bloods were elevated.. was diagnosed with pericarditis.

With my stay in cardiac ward I was wired up to the heart monitor the whole time, countless blood tests, ecgs, X-rays, CT scan ultrasound, plus taking 20 tablets a day…

Now that I’m out if hospital was told to take certain meds for 3 months and take it easy..

Doctors and cardiologist wouldn’t go into detail on results.…..

Still recovering, I haven’t been working for the past two weeks and its it’s a grey area of when I can go back… It’s disappointing that the government isn’t helping those that are out of work because of this vaccine. I’m financially struggling.. all savings went to keeping a roof over my head..

There apparently is a scheme where u can register to claim, but that’s all it is. You give them your name and details and that’s as far as it goes..”

From Jacine

2 days ago

“I am emotionally drained.

My youngest child had his second Vax on Friday.

Today he started having sharp chest pain and couldn’t breathe properly.

We’ve been up at the hospital all day.

He’s been admitted to the ward for further investigation as no signs of pericarditis even though symptoms are classic of it. Waiting to hear if blood clots are the issue tomorrow after contrast scan with dye.

He still has chestpain which they are giving him endone for.

I never wanted him to have this Vax. I’m just praying he will be okay.”

1 day ago

“Update still waiting reviewChest pain reducing in episodic occurrences.

Good.BP 150/80…..not great.

Having trouble urinating now and has to force it out

Let’s see what happens tomorrow. After 11 hours of being here I’m going to have to wait till tomorrow as normally doctor has been by now.

Have no clue on results of echocardiogram as nobody will tell me anything and only doctor can.”


“My worst nightmare….there is something wrong with his heart.

It is not pumping properly. Cardiologist is reviewing him tomorrow.

He is now having a full Neurological review as well with scans….

And they still have to work out what is happening with his inability to urinate properly.”


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