It’s ‘Over’: Omicron May Be About as Deadly as the Seasonal Flu, New Data Shows

The Omicron variant is far less deadly than earlier variants. It might even be comparable to the seasonal flu, according to new reports.

“Omicron could be even less deadly than flu, scientists believe in a boost to hopes that the worst of the pandemic is over,” the Daily Mail reported. “Some experts have always maintained that the coronavirus would eventually morph into a seasonal cold-like virus as the world develops immunity through vaccines and natural infection. But the emergence of the highly-mutated Omicron variant appears to have sped the process up.”

“Covid killed one in 33 people who tested positive at the peak of the devastating second wave last January, compared to just one in 670 now,” the Mail noted. “But experts believe the figure could be even lower because of Omicron.”

“The case fatality rate — the proportion of confirmed infections that end in death — for seasonal influenza is 0.1, the equivalent of one in 1,000,” the Mail added.

Just like in the United States, the Covid infection fatality rate drops precipitously by age group from elderly to young. The risk for the youngest groups? Infinitesimal.