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Is there already a global governance apparatus?

Review the evidence of attorney Jeff Childers and Meryl Nass.

Jeff Childers is, according to himself, “a small-town lawyer” in Florida who began blogging about the pandemic in early 2020. He quickly became one of the most popular bloggers out there, as he gives you the important news of the day, combined with sharp analysis and a great satirical wit.

I have grabbed the middle of today’s substack because he is saying something no one else I know of has said (in polite company, anyway) but is probably correct and should be deeply considered.

I had the same WTF moment when I realized how many countries and corporation were willing to act in lockstep to stop the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for COVID, despite the huge immediate and potential costs to them of doing so. My list of over 50 ways that HCQ was suppressed, around the world provides another strong chunk of evidence to support Childer’s contention about the existence of a global governance structure.

If you haven’t yet read my June 2020 article on HCQ suppression (to which I added more examples through early 2021), please do. It is a very important collection of information that will help you see things in a new light. Most important thing I have ever written.

In fact, I will link to it before giving you the link to Jeff Childer’s article, and then the relevant part of his article. Looking forward to your comments. Anonymity might be a good idea.

I bet C&C readers would enjoy hearing more often on this blog about Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, farmland confiscations, mysteriously burning refineries and food plants, faux proxy wars, engineered economic destruction, Agenda 2030 (or is it 2025 now?), and the not-so-Great Reset.
I don’t dabble much in those topics for two reasons. The first, simpler reason is that I cannot prove any of those things, and I’ve committed to you that I won’t (usually) present information here if I can’t back it up. I’m a lawyer. Evidence matters to me. (Yes, yes, I know there are online organizational documents and video clips, and plenty of circumstantial evidence, but hard facts remain elusive).
But mainly, I avoid discussing those issues because I hold a much broader, simpler view about them. I do believe the 2020 covid-19 pandemic revealed a provable global conspiracy. Most folks think the conspiracy was intended to engineer a one-world government. But I wonder if we’re way beyond that.
I think the pandemic may provide irrefutable evidence that WE ALREADY HAVE A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. A secretive, hidden, elusive one-world government.
But just for a moment there, the mask slipped, and its grotesque countenance was fully revealed.


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