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Is the spike protein acting as a prion with regard to hemoglobin molecules?

And is porphyria being induced? If the answers are 'yes', this is very bad news.

Strap in, hold onto your hats and grab a glass of wine. This is a long article. And it’s very important.


Pfizer to Acquire Global Blood Therapeutics for $5.4 Billion to Enhance Presence in Rare Hematology

On blood.

Blood. Ahh blood. From silly B-rated horror films, to the first time we scraped our knees falling off of our bikes, we all know a little about blood. It runs. It clots. It’s red. It smells like… iron. Blood runs through our arteries and veins and is an essential component to our incredible living bodies and our circulatory systems. Blood is made up of white blood cells, platelets, plasma (that contains proteins, water, hormones, nutrients, etc) and red blood cells. The following delightful artistic depiction shows red blood cells (red), white blood cells (yellow) and activated platelets (green).

Figure 1: Red Blood Cells is a photograph by Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/science Photo Library which was uploaded on September 17th, 2018.

On red blood cells/erythrocytes

Red blood cells or erythrocytes, comprise a large component of the blood and originate from the bone marrow.1 Production of red blood cells is controlled by a kidney-sourced hormone called erythropoietin (meaning ‘make red’ from ancient Greek: ερυθρός/erythros(=red) + ποιέω/poieo (=create, make)). They come about from the bone marrow as immature cells, and take about 7 days to mature to end up circulating in the blood, where they ‘live’ about 120 days. They are anucleated (they do not contain a nucleus) so they can slip in and out of tight spaces like blood vessels within the circulatory system. Each cell contains millions of proteins called hemoglobin. Blood is red because of red blood cell content, and red blood cells are red because of the iron cores in the heme (porphyrin containing iron ring - I explain this soon) that make up the hemoglobin proteins.


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