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Investigation Uncovers George Soros Secretly Funding Effort to Silence Joe Rogan

Globalist billionaire George Soros is secretly funding shadowy left-wing groups behind the latest effort to silence Joe Rogan, according to a new investigation.

The campaign to censor Rogan began when a group of media-described “medical professionals” – who turned out to be leftwing activists posing as medical professionals – launched an “expert” petition in the media demanding that Spotify ban the Joe Rogan Experience podcast from their platform.

It was revealed how most of the people that signed the petition were in fact not real doctors or medical professionals.

The fake petition and its media propagators drummed up enough faux outrage to get several musicians to issue Spotify an ultimatum: ban Joe Rogan or we will leave your platform. reports: Unsurprisingly, Spotify chose its star podcaster, but pledged to do more to “combat misinformation.”

In reporting that the vast majority of “doctors” behind the anti-Rogan letter were not in fact medical doctors, The Dossier found:

“Paradoxically, the disseminators of this petition are guilty of the very misinformation label that they’ve attached to Rogan. In fact, neither of the two reported co authors of the letter — Jessica Rivera and Ben Rein — possess medical degrees. Rivera holds a master’s degree and Rein is a PhD academic who researches psychiatry.”

Rivera is currently the science communication lead with the Pandemic Prevention Institute, a project of the far-left Rockefeller Foundation. She was previously associated with The Atlantic’s COVID-19 Tracking Project, a now defunct endeavor that was funded by Mark Zuckerberg, the Rockefeller Foundation, among other far-left institutions.

Rivera, who has accused Joe Rogan of spreading misinformation about mRNA shots, has spread plenty of misinformation about COVID-19 herself, including the pseudoscientific claim that vaccine induced immunity is better than natural immunity.


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