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Informed Consent Matters

It is your right to review the first-hand testimonies and reports from those who have experienced adverse reactions due to the Covid Vaccine (without censorship by the news and social media).

With access to this data you can perform a risk/benefit analysis for yourself.

In 1976, the rushed-to-market Swine Flu vaccine was halted after 25 deaths in the first 6 weeks of rollout. We are now at 12,000+ reported deaths in the US & Europe alone.

In this extensively researched document, you'll find just a few of the stories of those the media has silenced and social media has banned, as well as comments from doctors associated with the cases.

Note the majority of the deaths are younger to middle age people, who had very little to NO chance of dying from Covid.

Why are deaths following a vaccine an acceptable outcome for the media and medical establishment, but not the deaths of those, average age of 85 (exceeding life expectancy) who have died from a supposed naturally occurring virus?

Note the DOH makes no references to co-morbidities. We have no idea of the health of those who died in Australia or whether they died from Covid or with Covid.

Graph as of 13/07/2021

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