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If you don't think there is worldwide coordination of pandemic responses, here is the evidence

Canada, UK, Switzerland, European Union and US all authorize nouvelle boosters simultaneously. For a threat that has evaporated. Liability-free, of course. No human testing of the new US "bivalent" boosters.

Meryl Nass

And in the US, the vaccine has not had any human testing yet. Moderna began injections last week but their study won't complete till year's end. By then the 512 people in the Moderna trial will be irrelevant to the tens of millions that already received this new booster, which so far has only completed its testing in mice. Mice. Can you believe it?

But that is okay, because there is no liability--you cannot sue the clinic, the manufacturer or the government regulators and program planners who urged you to get vaccinated. You can beg DHHS to pay you if you are injured or die, but so far, no one has gotten a penny for a COVID vaccine injury.

Canada, the European Union and Switzerland and the US all approved the rollout of untested (US) or barely tested (UK, Canada and EU) COVID vaccine booster doses the same day. The UK approved them 2 weeks earlier. Giving the entire country an untested vaccine without any emergency reason to do so is a crime--except that US DHHS Secretary Becerra extended the emergency yet again in July, making it legal to use unlicensed vaccines and drugs.


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