I bet $1M the virus exists. Why is everyone afraid to bet me?

I'm betting $1M the virus exists. The process is short, the result is decided by a panel of neutral scientists, and all negotiations are between the attorneys. You can accept any of over a dozen bets.

Steve Kirsch

Executive Summary

I’ve got over a dozen topics I’m willing to bet $1M that I’m right on. If you disagree, you should accept my bet. You can accept for $200K to $1M.

Or you can place a bet in the side-pool.

See the term sheet to accept one of my bets, or to bet with or against me in the side-pool.

In this article, I’ll describe my bet on “whether the virus exists” and explain why I’m betting $1M that it does. Funny, nobody wants to take my money. The reason is simple: they know they are wrong. Christine Massey said they had $500K pledged. That’s plenty of money to accept my bet since I lowered the minimum to $200K so they would have no excuse not to accept my bet.

And that 1.5M Euro reward from ISOLATE TRUTH FUND? That’s a scam. There is no way to contact the people who offered it to lock them into legally binding terms. See what happened when I tried below.

My bets are all the real deal and they are backed with definitive agreements negotiated between attorneys and a process defined in detail. If you think I’m bluffing, I dare you to accept.

Introduction: Do viruses exist?

Does a virus exist? My surveys showed a lot of people aren’t sure whether there is a virus. It’s an important question to resolve because the treatments we have assume they do!

Sadly, none of the people who are the key purveyors of this belief will engage with me or my colleagues anymore about whether the virus exists in open free discussion to resolve the issue. When the going got rough, they stopped responding.

For example, Patrick Gunnels admitted bacteriophages have been isolated (see 59:00). I sent him an email pointing out bacteriophages are viruses. He told me never to contact him again.