I bet $1M that the virus originated in a lab. Anyone want to bet against me? I didn't think so.

Nobody on earth seriously believes the "natural origin" story. Proof: I bet $1M that it was man-made. Will ANYONE bet against me? Of course not!

Steve Kirsch

Whenever there is money at risk, you quickly find out who has conviction in their beliefs and who does not.

So making an audacious bet is a good way to quantify conviction in a belief and expose fraud.

Guess what folks…there is no conviction in the “natural origin theory.”

Once you ask people to risk capital on their belief, you then can easily see who is telling the truth and who is spreading misinformation.

For example, MIT says I’m a misinformation superspreader. Fine. Accept my bet and let’s see who the superspreader really is! After all, MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer is co-founder of Moderna. He could easily fund the acceptance of the bet.

I want to prove to the world that there isn’t a single person on the planet that seriously believes the two garbage papers published in Science claiming that the SARS-CoV-2 virus came out of nature or this Twitter thread from an “expert.”

I’m willing to bet $1M that the lab origin theory is more likely than the natural origin theory.

All the details for how to accept my bet and terms are listed here.

Will anyone take my bet? Check here to see how many people worldwide have accepted my bet.

So far zero, but I’m really hoping someone will accept it so we can resolve the issue.

The million dollar risk assures that each side will take this seriously and it assures that the outcome will be covered by the mainstream media due to the size of the bet, the fact it is seriously contested with experts on both sides, there is a mutually agreeable panel of unbiased expert judges, and the ramifications of the outcome.

In addition, all the arguments will be recorded for the public to view so even if the judges are biased, the public will clearly see which side is lying and ducking questions. That’s the most important part. We will finally have a public debate so everyone will see who funded the research and the matching sequence to the 2015 Moderna patent. That part will go unchallenged. That’s why nobody will take our bet on the other side. Nobody.