How to read RFK Jr's book in 5 minutes

This is a dense book. 450 pages long. Here are some methods for getting the gist of it in minutes.

Yup, I know… It’s a long, dense book full of facts and evidence.

Methods to get the gist of the book quickly:

  1. The first third shows that Fauci is the leader of the largest cabal of organized crime thugs to have ever walked the face of Earth. The middle third goes into more detail about the history of establishment of Fauci's criminal cabal. The final third ties together loose ends with more details and factual history. The overriding theme is that FDA, CDC, NIH & WHO are all run and controlled by criminal thugs in concert with their criminal counterparts running big pharma.

  2. Read this review.

  3. Consider this excerpt: Under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, the allergic, autoimmune, and chronic illnesses which Congress specifically charged NIAID to investigate and prevent, have mushroomed to afflict 54 percent of children, up from 12.8 percent when he took over NIAID in 1984.59 Dr. Fauci has offered no explanation as to why allergic diseases like asthma, eczema, food allergies, allergic rhinitis, and anaphylaxis suddenly exploded beginning in 1989, five years after he came to power. On its website, NIAID boasts that autoimmune disease is one of the agency’s top priorities. Some 80 autoimmune diseases, including juvenile diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, Graves’ disease, and Crohn’s disease, which were practically unknown prior to 1984, suddenly became epidemic under his watch.60,61,62 Autism, which many scientists now consider an autoimmune disease,63,64,65 exploded from between 2/10,000 and 4/10,000 Americans66 when Tony Fauci joined NIAID, to one in thirty-four today. Neurological diseases like ADD/ADHD, speech and sleep disorders, narcolepsy, facial tics, and Tourette’s syndrome have become commonplace in American children.67 The human, health, and economic costs of chronic disease dwarf the costs of all infectious diseases in the United States. By this decade’s end, obesity, diabetes, and pre-diabetes are on track to debilitate 85 percent of America’s citizens.68 For this reason, all the drug companies and members of Congress (except Rand Paul) LOVE Fauci.

  4. Open the book to a random page and start reading. Then realize there are ~450 other pages with stories of corruption just as bad as the one you just randomly selected.

  5. My review: The book shows that Fauci is a really bad guy who has done a lot of bad stuff and he should be immediately fired. It also shows a completely corrupt system that is allowing dangerous drugs to be approved. We need to all stand up and oppose what is going on. The system is badly broken and corrupt and needs to be fixed ASAP.

I haven’t read the entire book, but I have read sections and everything I have read so far aligns with the facts I know.

It’s a devastating book, filled with details that few people knew about until now.