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How Florida Can Bring Criminal Charges against Pfizer and the FDA Under Title 46 Ch. 790

And is BioNTech an innocent corporate bystander to a criminal conspiracy between Pfizer and the FDA?

Karen Kingston

The data is overwhelming that the COVID-19 injections increase the risk for disease, disabilities and death for otherwise healthy individuals, with alarmingly high rates of high school, college, and professional athletes collapsing on the field and dying or being left permanently disabled. Last night many Americans witnessed the tragedy of the collapse of NFL, 24-year old Damar Hamlin on the field, who suffered a heart attack after a standard, (nearly ‘by the book’) safe tackle and is currently in critical condition. The question many are asking is; “Was Damar Hamlin vaccinated?

It’s no conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ do not prevent infection or disease, were not conducted under bona fide research, and serve no peaceful purpose (meaning they cause harm) thereby meeting the definition of bioweapon under 18 USC 175.


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