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Health Worker Blows the Whistle on COVID Tests

After reluctantly taking a COVID-19 test as part of her employment, a worker from Bendigo Health sought out her results, only to find a raft of other items were tested for over and above COVID-19 that she did not consent to.

While the consent for the PCR test is for COVID-19 alone, this employee was also tested, without her knowledge, for other respiratory viral and bacterial infections including:

  • Influenza A virus RNA

  • Influenza B virus RNA

  • Respiratory syncytial virus RNA

  • Parainfluenza virus type 1/3 RNA

  • Parainfluenza virus type 2 RNA

  • Human Metapneumovirus RNA

  • Human Adenovirus DNA

  • Human Enterovirus DNA

  • Human Rhinovirus RNA

  • B. pertussis / B. parapertussis DNA

  • Mycoplasma pneumoniae DNA

Upon further investigation, this is not isolated to Bendigo Health. Evidence from another source who shared their results, from a completely different location, was also tested for this full panel without their knowledge. An additional confirmation has also come from the Infection Control unit responsible for the employee’s test, disclosing in a phone call when asked that “…if anyone is symptomatic, the full panel is run.”

View the below test results paper as proof of what is really going on. Are the results of these contributing to the COVID-19 result status – so if you’re found positive it could be any number of other items? And are they obtaining this medical information WITHOUT ANYONE’S CONSENT?

The Coronavirus Victorian Government website clearly states that “The only thing you will be tested for is COVID-19 1“, which is a blatant lie if this is what is really happening.


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