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Graphene oxide conjugated to PEG and PEI as a antigen delivery system

This is a thing... and it makes me wonder why they WOULDN'T be using it now

Jessica Rose

This is a little bit of a fun rabbit hole I fell into today. Well yesterday, actually. It took me a day to climb out. I’m pretty dirty. Alice was no help at all. She just kept trying to feed me little cakes. Good thing that big fat cat was there.

Read this with an enquiring mind and take note: I make zero point zero zero claims here. Which was not my intention but that’s how it worked out. And I hope to make you laugh at least once. That is always my intention.

Please refer to the published work in the journal ‘Nanoscale’ entitled: “Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity”. This work was published in 2016 by a group in China and let me tell you, they did a lot of work and asked a lot of questions. Their methods are so good, that I could actually reproduce their work.

Their primary goal was to find out if their adjuvant antigen delivery system, graphene oxide-polyethylene glycol-polyethylenimine (GO-PEG-PEI), would be functional with regard to specific immune stimulation, and/or less toxic than aluminum-based adjuvants. Their results showed that a PEG-PEI coated graphene oxide sheet - which incidentally really loves absorbing antigens like Ure B (an antigen associated with a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori) - was really good at trafficking antigen to dendritic cells to induce their maturation and activation when this concoction was injected intradermally.

What I really need to get my hands on are the original methods… this isn’t even locatable using sci-hub. Anyone crafty enough to get this paper? I have the supplementary materials but not the text and will not be providing personal details to ‘sign up’ for anything to read science. It’s against my code.

This is the paper: Graphene based gene transfection


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