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Get ready for ongoing shots - Australia's now bought 11 vaccines for every man, woman and child

The Commonwealth has signed purchase agreements for 280 million COVID-19 vaccine doses over the next few years – with Pfizer alone agreeing to supply 85 million doses in 2022 and 2023.

Taking to friends and family, many have taken the jab - not because they were concerned about contracting Covid - but because they wanted to travel, go to restaurants, to keep their job or just to have some sense of normality returned and lockdowns ended.

How are these people going to feel when they realise they have multiple booster shots ahead, with a complete absence of long term safety data?

In NSW, we have been told that the ominous vaccine 'certificates' will only be used for a 3 week period and very little mention has been made about the need for booster shots and how they plan to manage it, despite the fact that the Government has been busy buying up significant amounts of doses.

Why would they bother implementing a new tracking system for just three weeks?

Only a fool would trust the government and their promised freedom just-around-the-corner at this point, the goal points have moved so many times we have lost count!

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