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Geoengineering, 5G, IoT: A Conversation with Nikki Florio about Life-Threatening 4IR Tech

Lab rats, we are not.

This story is about the conversation I had with Nikki Florio, the founder of Bee Heroic. In her presentation, Nikki talks about geoengineering and its impact on “climate change.” She also talks about the relationship between the telecom industry and the geoengineering efforts. Nikki’s impressive presentation packs three hours of dense information about horrible things. And importantly, her website provides an abundance of resources, including information and links to how to take action. Another thing that Nikki does is using the word “sustainable” in its original meaning, after it’s been butchered by BlackRock, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum. Good for her!

Before we go to the interview, a few words about Nikki:

Nikki Florio is a life-long environmental activist (in the good sense of both words). She went to school in Lake Tahoe, where she also founded Tahoe Regional Environmental Education (TREE) Program, through which she hosted the region’s first fully integrated green building, sustainable foods, and green communities expos. She has educated thousands of students, community and business members each year through her outreach programs. After closing out TREE, she spent several years as a sustainability consultant, and then moved to Colorado where she created Bee Heroic. Bee Heroic spent several years touring the western states presenting on issues of climate and ecosystem collapse that mainstream media and educational venues would not: agrochemical/geoengineering/5G IoT and true sustainability. If you want to jump straight to the interview, here it is, and the presentation starts at around 18:50.

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