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Fortress Western Australia

Western Australia has had strict border restrictions in place for a considerable amount of time, in the hope it will prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 in the State.

The government restrictions and coercive vaccine mandates have played a major role in becoming the second most vaccinated region, behind the ACT.

Because of Western Australia’s strict border restrictions and high vaccination rates, this group can be considered a virtual control group.

Despite being the fortress State for so long, on February 28, 2022, Western Australia recorded 5994 active cases, with the biggest increase of 1179 in a single day.

These observations indicate that lockdowns and mass vaccination fail to prevent or even control the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

Furthermore, the recent increase in cases during strict lockdowns coincides with increased uptake of the vaccine boosters, suggesting that the booster shots may be the biggest contributing factor. Does this correlation between high vaccination rate, uptake of boosters and surge in cases hint that the vaccines are somehow adversely affecting the immune system, increasing vulnerability to the very thing it is supposed to protect us from? Considering Western Australia's statistically significant spike in transmission, hospitalisations and their first COVID-19 death since May 2020, it is a compelling argument that the social measures and mass vaccination is a distinct failure. Clearly the tough and irrational rules enforced by premier Mark McGowan have failed the people of Western Australia and if such rules truly are for the greater good, halting the roll-out of these alleged vaccines until more thorough, and transparent investigations are conducted and withdrawing all mandates, would be the sensible place to start correcting these mistakes. People for Safe Vaccines has today released its first supplementary report to their Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness in Australia. The report provides updated figures and examines the recent provisional reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on All-cause mortality and COVID-19 mortality, which states only 83 people died with COVID-19 rather than directly from the virus itself. Unlike our politicians and medical officers, the figures don't lie and seeing them only confirms what many already suspect. We can only hope that the truth will soon set us free from the senseless bonds that have been placed upon us.


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