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Formal Complaint Against Mandatory Vaccination in Australia by Retired Lieutenant Kevin Loughrey

In June 2022 retired Lieutenant-Colonel, Kevin Loughrey, made a complaint to the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission about new mRNA gene-technology being promoted to the public as a ‘vaccine’.

This promotion of a new untested medication, that was only provisionally approved as a vaccine, led to governments mandating the intervention in society without regard to the risks of this drug because they believed it to be a ‘vaccine’.

The government describes this injection as experimental, a phase 3 clinical trial, and it had not been proven to prevent anyone catching or dying from COVID. The government states that this intervention does not reduce the transmission of the virus in the community.

Government health ministers also claimed this injection to be safe and effective without the 10 years of data required by the regulatory board, the Therapeutic Goods Authority, to prove this to be true.

This mandatory directive resulted in medical discrimination in the workforce and in society by breaching medical privacy laws and our right to work and participate in society, as well as our fundamental right to bodily autonomy. It also led to many premature deaths and hospitalisations for vaccine injuries.


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