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Forcing the Brave to Stand Alone

Western silence (or worse, praise) for china's government is shameful

“china is not a place where you want to “screw around and find out.”

China is nasty as hell to dissidents and has been setting up for absolute savagery for years now.

and the west sits silent.

and at a certain point, that silence becomes complicity.

and past a certain point, active plaudits and praise for “the chinese system” becomes morally intolerable.

and i would argue that we’re well over the rubicon.

china has become a dystopian movie.

the chinese government is a brutal dictatorship whose leader just basically appointed himself strongman for life.

and the west does not care.

they have been rounding up ethnic minorities by the millions for a decade and putting them in “re-education camps” and forcing them into what amounts to slave labor.

and the west managed a couple tepid news stories about uyghurs then forgot.

and then they started building massive internment camps all over the country where anyone can be sent at the push of a button that turns your covid QR code red and where you can be held indefinitely (and at your own expense) until they decide to let you go.


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