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Force of Nature

Earlier this year, from an eerily calm space on the beach, I was privileged to witness the foreboding rumblings of a tropical cyclone, as it moved menacingly across the sea, forging its way to land.

There is something strangely thrilling about watching a storm make its way towards you where fierce strikes of lightning, paired with their thunderous companion, echo and reverberate across the sky and sea. From my calm sandy beach, my senses heightened with a deep sense of respect that the forces of Nature inspire.

And just like lightning, the contrast from my safe vantage point struck me hard, because we have been watching a different kind of storm moving ominously our way, and just like this cyclone, it's now upon us and cannot be ignored!

Advocate Me has been following the storm from day one; looking deep into all sides of the science of lockdowns, virus isolation, gain-of-function research, interpretation and classification of PCR test results, vaccination and the ultimate path to vaccine passports. Delving into the government narrative, it is easy to pick it apart; however their willingness to enter into a debate about it is non-existent. However, it is their rigidity that will be their ultimate undoing, as their narrative unravels spectacularly before us.

In Nature, it is the part of the system that is the most flexible that will control the system. This is known as the Law of Requisite Variety. A perfect example is the ability of the palm tree to withstand cyclonic winds. Its flexibility is its ultimate strength. Nature is adaptive in and of itself. If our system fails to adapt and be self-learning, then it will die by the hand of its own ego. This is what destroyed many Empires preceding us.

But, our governments remained fixed in their position and have gone to monumental efforts to discredit much-needed scientific debate, and ultimately censor it; and they continue instilling fear into people, with wildly exaggerated claims about the voracity of the virus, guilting people into participating in the biggest medical experiment of our time.


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