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Florida "Vaccine Hesitancy" REDUCED Infant Mortality in 2021

Does Childhood Vaccination Cause Half of Infant Deaths?

Igor Chudov

This is a kind of a shocking finding to me and I want to be fact checked on what I wrote below. I would like to be proven wrong.

In 2021, vaccination of infants massively decreased in Florida due to “vaccine hesitancy”. Along with decrease in childhood vaccinations, all cause infant mortality ALSO MASSIVELY DECREASED, in a perfect lockstep!

The changes are very significant and can be considered an unintended experiment.

Say what?

What I found is that in 2021, parents of newborns in Florida were much more “vaccine hesitant”, for reasons obvious to my readers, and therefore childhood vaccinations decreased from 93.4% previously to only 79.3% in 2021. During the same time, all cause infant mortality under 1 year of age in Florida also DECREASED by 8.93%.

Both changes are huge.


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