Dr Vernon Coleman – “We finally have evidence that authorities knew the C-19 Vax would be murder

Pfizers own safety report as acquired by court order. Data from December 1 2020 until February 28, 2021 alone.

Yes, thats right, in around 3 months, 1223 people dead. 11,361 people still not recovered by the time of the report.

42,086 reports, AND THESE ARE JUST "ACCEPTED" CASES. Can you even imagine the level of damage has been done by now, 11 months on?

Have a close look at the dataset. Heres a quick summary

3.1.3 Review of Adverse Events of Special Interest (AESIs):

Cardiovascular AESIs - 3.3% of the dataset

1441, of which 946 serious, 495 non-serious

COVID-19 AESIs - 7.3% of the dataset

3359, of which 2585 serious, 774 non-serious

Immune-Mediated/Autoimmune AESIs - 2.5% of the dataset

1077, of which 780 serious, 297 non‑serious

Musculoskeletal AESIs - 8.5% of the dataset

3640, of which 1614 serious, 2026 non-serious

Haematological AESIs - 2.2% of the dataset (that's your blood)

1080, of which 681 serious, 399 non-serious

Facial Paralysis - 1.07% of the dataset

453, of which 399 serious, 54 non-serious

Use in Pregnancy and lactation - 0.98% of the dataset

270 cases of pregnancy reported as spontaneous abortion

Neurological AESIs - 1.2% of the dataset

542, of which 515 serious, 27 non‑serious.

Other AESIs - 19.4% of the dataset

8241, of which 3674 serious, 4568 non‑serious

How many serious adverse events have to occur in 3 damn months before you're outraged that this is being mandated globally, and that you weren't allowed to see this data until now?

See for yourself:



UK Doctor Vernon Coleman, who has been at the forefront of exposing this global fraud, has created a 10 minute video discussing the document release: