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Dr Jessica Rose, STILL on Twitter's Blacklist for showing nothing us but THE DATA

Social media, and dare I say all data handling, is indeed out of our control...

Image from 2021 interview

Jessica Rose

There is someone posing as me on Telegram - using my image - and not just my image but my photo (I took the photo - it is mine) and my good name. I like to think that I honor my name every day by being honest and integral, and by doing what’s right even if it’s not the popular thing to do. As a matter of fact, this is my modus operans.

I do not like posers.

My Twitter account, where over 50,000 people were interested in my posts after just a couple of months, is STILL suspended following filing about 20 ‘appeals’ to reinstate it, and the announcement by Elon that all suspended accounts would be reinstated. My account is lost in digital limbo, and I was not able to retrieve/save any of my data before it happened since I had no notice.

On the subject of these atrocities, in the latter case, I can’t get back in. On the former case, ‘I’ (the poser ‘I’) can’t get out.

How it is possible that we, the creators of these social media accounts, the OWNERS of this personal data, these names and images, have zero point zero zero control over any of it? Do their ‘Report Fake Account’ and ‘Appeal a locked or suspended account’ tabs and pages just simply exist to appease any sense that we may have an iota of control over the use of our names and images? I smell an adjustment coming in the realm of IT law - context ranging from the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000 in Australia, to the Criminal Code of Canada, to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act in the United States. Someone has to do something here. None of us are protected - AT ALL.


My Twitter account is indeed still suspended following filing many ‘appeals’ to reinstate my account. All I ever get in my email inbox is some nonsense auto-message saying they’ve added it to the ‘original case’. I think this equates to the Twitter waste bin. I mean, they don’t even have algorithm that subs in your name to personalize it? Just ‘Hello’. How very cordial. Robot.


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