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Does the Virus actually exist?

Former Doctor Meryl Nass addresses those who claim the virus isn't real.

I continue to be asked if the virus is real. I answered this question in 2 prior blog posts, below. But Off-Guardian has a new article claiming the virus is fake, and I was again asked to comment.

Here is a description of its culture and isolation, with additional details in the supplementary materials, for those who continue to clamour for it.

Since I have explained some technical aspects in the two prior posts, I will be brief. Please read John McGowan's comment to the second post for greater detail, which helps debunk the Off-Guardian article.

1. There has been tremendous falsification of information on almost every aspect of the pandemic. I don't think there is much question about that, and I understand that it makes people appropriately suspicious about the reality of the virus, too. Particularly when people with MDs and PhDs after their names claim it does not exist.

2. I am willing to go on record to say that Andrew Kaufman, MD (a psychiatrist, not a molecular biologist, who got his undergrad degree in the same department I did at MIT--Biology) who is quoted in the piece, is wrong and ignorant, besides. As are others.

3. Here is the key argument: I have challenged those who deny Covid is caused by a real virus to explain what, exactly, is causing these symptoms if it is not a virus. One suggested toxins. Or 5G.

  • Well, toxins and 5G and exosomes are not contagious, but this disease is.

  • It has a very predictable incubation period, averaging 6 days.

  • Properly used PPE protects the wearer from exposure.

  • It causes mostly similar syndromes in those who get very ill.

  • The syndrome, while relatively unique, is similar to that caused by SARS-1 in 2003.

  • The illness responds well to antiviral drugs. Patients get better quickly when viral-killing protocols, including hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, are used early in the illness.

These simple facts, along with the arguments I have made in the two linked blog posts, confirm that we are facing an infectious disease, and it is caused by a virus.

4. Hundreds of thousands of whole genome sequences (maps of every nucleotide in the virus' RNA) have been uploaded by scientists in scores of countries to international databases, each with its own local mutations. You would need to isolate and grow these viruses in order to sequence them. Saying that all these sequences are false requires that thousands of scientists are lying, together, about the work they have done. Since these scientists are from the US, China, Russia, and everywhere else, getting them all to tell the same lie would not be simple.

5. Did this virus originate in a lab? Almost certainly. Was it spread deliberately? I don't know. It could have been accidental. If it was spread deliberately, who did it? I don't know that either.


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