Does the mystery leading cause of death in Alberta apply to certain age groups?


Jessica Rose

This article is a spin-off of the previous article on Albertans and why they are dying at higher rates than ever before due to “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality”. It’ll be quick and dirty. I found age and gender-stratified cause of death data and plotted the “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality” category for 2019, 2020 and 2021 but this time, I stratified by age. The age groups are quite small so the detail is good.

2021 is the winner in every single age group except for the 5-9ers in 2020, by a long shot. I mean, there are twice as many deaths from this mystery cause in 2021 than for the next highest in 2020 in every single age group. So the bottom line is, this mystery illness is not exclusively killing old people, or young people. Is it killing males more than females? Yes. It is. Whatever it is.