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Doctors' Forum comments: major concerns for safety of jabs and side effect woes

Medical forum Medscape asks "How concerned are you about adverse events related to the vaccines?" Over 1000 revealing comments from doctors, many reporting lingering and unexplained side effects from taking the shot themselves.

Just a few of the comments:

"I'm hoping that most people posting have read the full Pfizer protocol and FDA review for the EUA ... Pfizer ran almost no bloodwork during their studies ... post drug bloodwork is critical and encompasses hematology, chemistry, inflammatory biomarkers, pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics, specialty markers like D-dimer, etc. This was not done."

"... if the vaccine is so effective shouldn’t the spike be curbed as millions of doses have been delivered? And yet, our incidence is climbing and procedural masking and distancing is being encouraged for all. There are definitely questions that should be asked by our regulatory bodies and media that are going unasked here."

"Reactions are being massively under reported. There appears to be very little interest in reporting and investigating even very serious reactions. And professionals who try to speak out are being intimidated, threatened with losing licences/jobs, and having their reputations trashed. No shortage of evidence on THAT!"

"...Three months later and seizure medication not helping, still not back at work, worst thing I have ever endured. Would not wish side effects on anyone."

"...I will also say that cryotherapy has helped me tremendously. I am going on four months of this and hoping this is the end of these debilitating side effects."


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