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MUST READ: 'Died Suddenly', the Forbes Hit Piece and What's in the Vaccines

Media and experts discredit claim COVID-19 vaccines cause mysterious blood clots due to lack of scientific explanation. A Moderna patent and Pfizer vaccine ingredients may address this scientific gap.

Karen Kingston

Stew Peters’ documentary Died Suddenly premiered on Monday, November 21, 2022, and has reached over 10 million views in less than one week. Despite its success, the film has been met with less than rave reviews from the mainstream media and even some harsh critique from the alternative media and expert influencers.

The film features Richard Hirschman, an embalmer who claims that about 16-18 months ago he noticed some of the deceased bodies he was embalming had long fibrous ‘blood clots’ in their veins and arteries. Hirschmann now claims that the incidence of this strange phenomena has continued to increase and now more than 70% of the corpses have ‘mysterious fibrous clots’ throughout their bodies. Based on conversations with family members of the deceased, he believes the blood clots are caused by the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.


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