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'Death by Government Mandate': Spike in Fatality Rates Among Young People Tied to Covid Vaccine Push

“Such an observation suggests that the unusually high number of unexpected deaths in 2021 may be related to the COVID vaccines"...

Kyle Becker

The Experts™ Covid mandates and lockdowns contributed to a massive spike in all-cause death rates for young people around the globe. This is what the data from multiple advanced countries now make clear.

The average age of Covid-related deaths has been estimated to trend much older than other global pandemics — between 73 and 79 years old. This is very near life expectancy is most nations.

This was supposed to be one of the few relatively merciful aspects of Covid-19. But due to short-sighted, self-serving, and overly optimistic policies, the Experts™ squandered Nature’s gift with foolish policies.

If you examine the average mortality rates for major global pandemics: See anything unusual about Covid-19?

It is important to understand first that Covid-19 is a disease that is exponentially more dangerous to the sick and elderly.


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