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DAVOS 2023: WEF shifts into high gear in preparing for the next Pandemic ending health disparities and systemic racism…what on earth could that mean?

This follow-up is to my recent sub stacks attempting to connect the dots of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their goals for expanding their agenda in order to stick to their timeline regarding the continent of Africa.

I look at things this way when I think about the WEF: hypothetically speaking, if a gang decides to get together once a month with knives and decide under the cover of darkness to go out and slash the tires of every car parked on residential streets of a city, and the next day all the tires of every car parked on those streets have in fact been slashed, you may not be able to prove the gang did it, but if it happens enough you might start to suspect and question what is happening and who is responsible.

After covering this for some time now, I am convinced not only does the WEF consistently tell you what they are going to do, they sure love to prepare in advance/undertake all of these preparations before they implement what they are going to carry out. For example, before COVID-19 and Monkey pox, they prepared for and ran their germ games; then COVID-19 and Monkey pox happened.

We may tend to assume WEFs decisions only center on health or viruses/diseases. Now they appear to be reprioritizing/reassessing their priorities based on policy. With this updated announcement, there are six themes developed in 2022 that have continued to be refined to set the stage for the 2023 conference beginning in less than a month, from 16-20 January:


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