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Covid Messed with my Psyche Big Time

But it wasn’t really “Covid” that’s been bothering me all along

For almost three years, the madness of our Covid times has gnawed at my psyche.

I now realize the true source of my mental distress had little to do with some respiratory virus.

What’s bothered me (tremendously) is my intuitive understanding that all the experts and authorities the world trusts … got everything wrong.

The truth, I quickly came to realize, doesn’t matter. Lies matter more.

As psychological breakthroughs go, this is bitter medicine.

None of this would matter except these lies happened to produce massive body counts and casualties.

The never-ending lies also produced economic carnage and required Orwellian levels of censorship, which means those trying to counter dangerous lies in the future will also be blocked, resulting in further crimes against humanity.

That is, I quickly realized none of this is likely to stop, another source of psychological distress.

It’s the experts and authorities, who possess all the power, who concocted all the false narratives.

Members of these organizations are still perceived as more virtuous and intelligent than the skeptics, who were cast as the villains, kooks, “anti-vaxxers,” “science deniers,” “conspiracy theorists” and “extremists.”


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