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COVID Masks Destroying Marine Life

One of the interesting things about government and our Rulers is the shortsightedness of their edicts. For example, we KNOW that plastic is fouling the oceans. It is a looming catastrophe. There are dead zones in the oceans. One turtle had a straw up its nostril and it took a team of people to wrench it out. How horrible for the animal to have lived like that.

Robert Jay Rowen, MD

At the same time, knowing how careless the average human is with regards to waste, the Rulers approve edicts mandating plastic fiber masks first without clear evidence that the mask does any good, and without any plans to take care of the BILLIONS that will reach the oceans. Below is a report of what the masks may now be doing along our coastal waterways.

I have to ask what good it will do to “save humanity” a few deaths (if any) from COVID with plastic masks, while at the same time bring abject destruction to marine life. And these plastic fibers may be ingested by sea creatures, find their way up the food chain, and then be eaten by us.

Note in the below science report that sea creatures are having their functions muddied by the leaching of chemicals from the plastic. I wonder what breathing through plastic masks might be doing to our own hormone systems. They mandated this without studying it.

We have tyrants in control. We have tyrants who are claiming Green New Deals, a greener environment, reduction in petroleum and emissions, while at the same time fostering the plasticizing of the oceans and doing nothing to protect this most precious resource. While having a libertarian mindset regarding government, here is one place I think government has a role. We all are entitled to clean water and clean air. Government could reign in unbridled plastic production which threatens landfills, oceans, rivers, etc., the whole planet in fact.

But that would mean standing up to corporate interests and that is verboten since corporations and hidden elite are the owners of government and have “their” agenda first, not the “People’s”

I have seen masks on trails miles from the trailhead. I was shocked from the beginning of the madness that people were so terrorized by press and government that they would be wearing masks outdoors and even miles away from others. When government acknowledges the plastic crisis, it will be far too late, if it is not already.

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