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Corona Contradictions

Eighteen months on and Australia still finds itself in the grip of the 'pandemic', where around half the population is in some form of lockdown, and the entire country still being impacted by restrictions. It is as though we were forced on to a merry-go-round that will not stop to allow us to get off.

In stark contrast to Sweden and Taiwan, where lockdowns were recommended and not mandated, Australia has stayed its tyrannical course, enforcing lockdowns and other restrictions; however most of us, if not all, are a little perplexed by exactly what that course is, and with countless contradictions, it's completely understandable why confusion reigns supreme.

I guess the real question is: Do our Chief Health Officers, Premiers and Prime Minister actually know themselves? Perhaps we're being too hard on them, as there have been a couple of things that have stuck: the agenda for lockdowns, and mass vaccinations.

We the people have learnt a few things as a result, and that is that lockdowns don't work, otherwise we would have eliminated the virus long ago.

But I suppose that is the first contradiction: Is the plan to suppress the virus, or eliminate it? We have been told it is a strategy of suppression, with the contradiction being that we are still in lockdown, which is an elimination strategy.

So while our States continue to battle outbreaks using lockdown measures, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg states: “Ultimately, we can’t eliminate the virus...we have to learn to live with the virus.”

Let's take a closer look at some of the more eyebrow-raising contradictions so far.


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