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Controlling the 'Mark' after a Con Trick

Is this what we're seeing in the MSM re vaccine injuries?

NE -

A couple of comments from yesterday’s ‘excess deaths’ post got me thinking. Governments will never acknowledge any mistakes because a) the entire narrative would collapse, b) they are worried about liability and accountability and increasingly c) they are worried that there could be a massive wave of unrest if the people finally understand they have been systematically lied to and gaslighted.


Been saying this but lemme say it again: Government paid for the shots and PUSHED them hard on the peasants. Government will not investigate government for government wrongdoing.

So governments won’t investigate themselves (to avoid liability and narrative collapse) and they are worried about civil unrest if the population thinks they have been lied to.

But what do they do if the truth becomes too big to hide? Too many stories on social media and too many empirical observations of people getting sick or ill or dying. Excess death numbers reaching new highs. Trying to sweep it under the carpet is no longer doing the trick. What to do?

I may just be too suspicious for my own good but some things have not felt right recently. Well things haven’t felt right for a long time but recently it has felt like things are being increasingly manipulated.

More people coming out acknowledging vaccine harms is a good thing but is it all that it seems?


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