Climate Change

The Doxa of the Green Faith.

Hügo Krüger Oct 3 2022

I recently had a conversation with Tony Heller from regarding the Global Mean Temperature Anomaly data set that used to prove that Global Warming is real. The term Climate Change never made sense to me and just the mere fact that the term changed from Global Warming should raise public skepticism. Heller’s criticism against the climate change narrative is straight forward.

The data does not have integrity.

Heller asserts that NOAA’s “temperature corrections” made the past look cooler than it is today, i.e. there is no warming to be concerned about at all. The raw thermometer readings from the past, uncorrected, are within variation of the warming that we see today. NOAA publishes the adjusted temperatures (in red below) as opposed to the unadjusted readings (in blue below).

By implication all the theories about the Greenhouse Effect, the Positive Water Vapor Feedback Loop, whether or not the Medieval Warm Period was warmer in the past, a local or global phenomenon does not make sense to even discuss. Tony’s view is that this is more of a fraud than a scientific challenge.