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Chinese police build CAGES around homes; world's strictest Covid lockdown

People living in Chinese city woke up to 2-metre tall fences - & they aren't allowed to leave homes even if not infected.

Dr. Paul Alexander

Shanghai, Beijing Chinese people will start eating each other shortly, they are starving and the lockdowns will only prevent natural immunity, limited herd immunity, and pure susceptibility.

The lockdown will never ever work, ever…it never did…this is why they are experiencing so many infections, they locked down too long and too hard and omi is too infectious…all they need to do is:

1)strongly protect the vulnerable in their populations e.g. in nursing homes

2)PSA vit. D supplements e.g. 1000 IU per 32 pounds body weight or each 15 kg and also PSA body weight control e.g. drop 20 pounds societally…obesity emerged as the super loaded risk factor behind age

3)use early treatment (anti virals, corticosteroids e.g. prednisone, and anti-platelet drugs in a combined sequenced manner e.g. high dose aspirin 325 mg per day etc.) if infected (high risk) and also allow chemo prophylaxis with anti-virals as it cuts risk dramatically and reduces the infectious pressure

4)allow the vast majority, 99% of the healthy, well, infants, children, teens, young persons, middle aged, older adults who are healthy to live normal lives making reasonable safety decisions…no lockdowns, no school closures, no mask mandates etc.


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