Caught Covid? "Unapproved" Treatments That Have Been Shown to be Safe and Effective

It's time to extract yourself from the government-hospital-medical-pharmaceutical-media-industrial complex and start taking responsibility for your own health.

James Roguski

  • The government-hospital-medical-pharmaceutical-media-industrial-complex has a different agenda than you do. The sooner you realize this, the healthier you will be.

  • Many studies have been published regarding a wide variety of simple, safe and effective “unapproved” therapies.

  • Your doctor has probably NOT read many (or any) of the studies listed below and the mainstream media generally does not report favorably on natural products, because they receive an enormous amount of advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry.

  • YOU are ultimately the person who is responsible for your own health.

  • Every one of the “unapproved” remedies listed below is 100% guaranteed to NOT work if you don’t use them them.

  • Don’t ask your doctor. That’s a marketing slogan.

  • Find a new, and better health advisor.

  • Share this information with everyone.

Click on any of the “unapproved” remedies linked below in order to gain access to additional information on peer-reviewed, published studies evaluating their potential benefits.