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By the people who brought you Event 201: Catastrophic Contagion 'Tabletop Exercise' Oct 2022

Here we go again...

The purpose of this article is to expose and raise awareness of yet another “tabletop exercise,” which is known as “Catastrophic Contagion.”

This is a “fictional scenario” that was conducted on October 23, 2022.

It was run by the people who brought you Event 201. CLICK HERE

The “fictional scenario” takes place in 2025. Get ready!

In reality, this “tabletop exercise” is merely some poorly disguised marketing and promotional materials produced by the people who stand to profit from laws that mandate that nations conduct many, many more such “exercises.”

PLEASE REALIZE that Article 12 of the “Conceptual Zero Draft” of the WHO’s proposed “Pandemic Treaty” (potentially, a legally binding international agreement) calls for nations to conduct simulation exercises such as “Catastrophic Contagion.”

Who benefits? WHO benefits.


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