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Brett Sutton summoned to Supreme Court - Melbourne Solicitor questions PCR validity

Melbourne solicitor Jonathan Andrews has initiated legal action against the Victoria State Government's suspension of constitutional civil liberties, based on the discredited 'Drosten RT-PCR for novel Coronavirus 2019' testing standards for recording SARS CoV-2 transmission and infectivity rates, during the COVID-19 crisis.

Jonathan has filed with the Supreme Court of Victoria, Judicial Review Division, which was accepted for review on 24th August 2021. Expert evidence will be required to examine the validity of the 'polymarese chain reaction' (PCR) testing which is now being used as a scientific basis to shape public policy.

Should the action be successful the actions of the Victorian Government will be reviewed and potentially subject to censure by the court.

We encourage everyone to chip in a few dollars to support Jonathan in this brave move - it well could be the one that brings down the house of cards!

Watch an interview with Jonathan at Reignite Democracy



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