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Biotech Corporations and Gates Funded Doctors are Promoting Vaccine Propaganda

Extensively researched series and a 'must read' to understand our current situation.

3 Part Expose by investigative journalist Teodrose Fikremariam at the Ghion Journal.

When it comes to influencing people’s minds and shaping public perception, there is no field more powerful than the healthcare industry. Doctors, by virtue of their title and white coats, wield a clout that is unmatched by politicians, media personalities and the litany of opinion leaders that are paraded in front of us by the establishment. It is precisely because of this nearly uncheckable clout that doctors should remain as apolitical as possible and refrain from leveraging their authority for personal or business gains.

The healthcare industry and Wall Street writ large realized a long time ago how persuasive doctors are in their capacity to affect public sentiment and more importantly tilt policy outcomes in the favor of corporations at the expense of humanity. This is why cigarette manufacturers like Marlboro and Philip Morris established a very cozy relationship with doctors and paid them handsomely in the 1950s to promote smoking as part of a a safe and healthy lifestyle. To this day, pharmaceutical companies continue to give kickbacks and offer perks like all expenses paid vacations to doctors who push their products to unsuspecting patients.

So it comes as no surprise that biotech corporations like Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson heavily fund doctors. In a time when countless billions of dollars are being made as a direct result of experimental “vaccines” that are being injected into the arms of more than 2 billion people around the world, doctors have become Big Pharma’s indispensable marketing agents. Mercenary doctors have been loosened upon society as they flood mainstream and social media platforms to propagandize on behalf of their corporate masters. We are witnessing, in real time, just how powerful doctors are in engineering compliance and bending sociopolitical conversations to their liking.




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