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Bill Gates Partnered Chinese To Conduct Gain-Of-Function Research

For the past five years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) via the National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) of China has maintained a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that involves conducting scientific research into, you guessed it: bat coronaviruses.

Published on August 10, 2021

The National Pulse published an in-depth exposé into the partnership, revealing that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been conducting research on bat coronaviruses alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is where the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is believed to have “escaped” after being sent there by Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The state-owned scientific group says it is “guided by President Xi Jinping’s Socialist thoughts,” which normally involve creating “strategic cooperative agreements” with the CCP’s Central Military Commission.

However, the Gates Foundation got involved back in 2015, signing a memorandum of understanding with the NSFC to “jointly support research projects and bilateral workshops.”

“Together, the Gates Foundation and NSFC would ‘co-fund awards of up to US$1M and 4 years for collaborations between Chinese and international investigators,’” writes Natalie Winters for The National Pulse, highlighting key points from the Gates Foundation memo.

Billionaire Gates Is Using Your Taxpayer Dollars To Develop New Covid “Vaccines”

As of this writing, the Gates Foundation is still working with the NSFC on Fauci Flu research. It was identified as one of several CCP-run scientific organizations that “partnered” with the regime on a $5 million grant to “identify and confirm cases, safely isolate and care for patients and accelerate the development of treatments and vaccines.”

On several occasions, representatives from the NSFC have visited the Gates Foundation headquarters in Seattle to discuss new projects. Vice President Hou Zengqian made an appearance there in October 2019. Back in 2016, an NSFC delegation also met with the Gates Foundation Deputy Director of Discovery & Translational Sciences.

One of the reasons you probably never heard anything about this is because the Gates Foundation controls most major “news” outlets, steering what gets reported to shine favorably on Gates and his endeavors at all times.

Fortunately, that stranglehold of censorship is beginning to show some cracks as the Pulse and others unearth truths that link Gates and his cronies to the Chinese Virus plandemic.

Gates also held his infamous “Event 201” pandemic exercise back in the fall of 2019, just months before the Fauci Flu was announced by the mainstream media as a scary new threat for which we need to give up our freedoms.


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