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Big Tech and the Pandemic

Some people were surprised when YouTube removed doctors’ videos on Ivermectin treatment, LinkedIn suspended a top mRNA researcher, and Twitter suspended @cov19treatments. Big Tech has been doing these things and worse since the beginning of the pandemic.

Trail Site News July 26th 2021

Here, Big Tech means five companies: Google (especially Search, YouTube, and Google App Store), Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft (more specifically, LinkedIn and Bing), and Apple. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have been openly coordinating which information to allow on their platforms since 2018.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Google and Apple restricted COVID-19-related apps in their respective app stores to only those provided by entities they chose, such as governments, select NGOs, “companies deeply credentialed in health issues” (aka Big Pharma), and Big Education. Doctors need not bother. Patient’s, doctors, medical researchers, and even government officials became completely dependent on this coordinated monopoly of COVID-19-related information without recognizing it.

Today, most of Big Tech workforce is employed in censorship or political surveillance of its users. While pretending to be private companies, Big Tech acts on behalf of governments as state actors.

Big Tech has developed internal structures to censor information and manipulate its users, while pretending to be neutral and only restrict hate speech and content falling under Section 230(c)(2). It also pretended that the content it shows is received from third parties under Section 230(c)(1). Big Tech employs and finances a so-called fact-checking network, which is organized as a monopoly under the Poynter Institute (Twitter does not formally participate, and Facebook utilizes some media organizations outside of this network).

Unnecessary to say, these fact-checkers have no scientific or medical knowledge and are very political.

Big Tech uses these fact-checkers to determine the Truth or pretends to do so. Big Tech frequently accepts direct input from foreign governments and individuals associated with the major US political party. Knowing the Truth, Big Tech determines what misinformation and other thought crimes are. Then engineers program computers to detect and delete or hide content with the thought crimes. When necessary, low-level employees supplement the software. Thus, the thought crime content is removed automatically or semi-automatically. Sometimes, it is replaced or labeled with defamatory messages. Top managers do not know or pretend not to know the details.

No organization, managed by humans, would have blocked pandemic treatment or doctor. But Big Tech acts as a machine. These companies started as providers of content-agnostic software and computer or communications networks.

Users, as authors and viewers, have no knowledge of downranking or restricting the content they share or view. Suspensions or bans are usually the only ways in which they are notified. Even then, they have no recourse. It required high-level media coverage to restore LinkedIn’s account of Dr. Malone. Even a Nobel Prize winners have less authority in Big Tech companies than their semi-literate or outright-lying fact-checkers.

If one gets through to a mid-level manager or even an attorney of a Big Tech company, the answer is short and proud: Yes, we have banned your message in accordance with our content policy. You see, there is a pandemic, so we ban information about medicines used to treat the pandemic disease.

From my real experience with Google AdWords, “We found the following policy violations in the content of the landing page … Reference to COVID 19 restricted terms” (including Ivermectin). At the same time, Google ran Gilead’s ads promoting poisonous and ineffective Remdesivir.

The situation is not without precedents. The low-ranking employees just follow orders. The executives first did not know and then pretended that they do not know. Efficient organization and technology do the rest.

Early on, Big Tech elevated the Work Health Organization (WHO) as the top medical authority on the pandemic. Even in the best times, the WHO was just an intermediary. All of its knowledge is derived from the knowledge of the member countries.

Now it is headed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Ph.D., known for committing genocide against ethnic minorities, as a minister in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) government in Ethiopia. TPLF used to be classified as a domestic terrorist organization. But Big Tech was so possessed with Trump Derangement Syndrome that it allied itself with Mr. Tedros to oppose the President of the United States in the time of a pandemic.

Based on the WHO’s input, further distorted by “fact-checkers,” Big Tech declared that there are no countermeasures for COVID-19, except for “Do the Five”, like coughing into one’s elbow and staying three feet from each other.

They started banning any content with useful information, including vitamin C.

Then, Big Tech declared a ban on information about any treatment and prophylaxis for COVID-19, not approved by the WHO. Of course, the WHO does not create treatments. It receives it from the US and other Western countries, where it is developed by treating physicians and researchers.

Thus, Big Tech waited on the WHO, the WHO waited on the Western doctors and scientists, while their attempts to communicate the discovered treatments were being paralyzed by Big Tech because they had not been approved by WHO.

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