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Why our ceaseless attempts to explain what is going on in the world always seem to fall short.

By John Leake

Over dinner tonight in Washington D.C., I fell into a discussion with a little group of dissident doctors about what is going on in the world, and we returned to the same questions we’ve been trying to answer for the last three years. For example, why are safe old drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin suppressed with religious fanaticism?

Among the true stories we discussed was that of a chemistry professor who one day drew the hydroxychloroquine molecule on the chalkboard. A student reported his “dangerous” action to school administrators, who sharply rebuked him for it. Another man beseeched hospital doctors and administrators to give ivermectin to his dying mother. His request was denied, but it prompted hospital security to search him every day he visited to make sure he didn’t try to smuggle ivermectin to his mom. Ivermectin—a WHO essential medication, once deemed a “wonder drug” for curing River Blindness, whose discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine—literally became anathema.

A pharmacist recently called a doctor three times in a row to make sure the doctor was prescribing HCQ for rheumatoid arthritis, and not for COVID-19. It’s likely the pharmacist was hoping one of his calls would go to voicemail so that he would have a pretense for delaying the prescription. Why such extraordinary diligence and vigilance? Doesn’t the pharmacist have anything better to do?

Following the fanatical suppression of safe old FDA-approved drugs, the novel, experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were forced on humanity with even more fanatical zeal, becoming objects of quasi religious reverence. Anyone who has even questioned their safety and efficacy has been relentlessly persecuted.

How to explain this confusing state of affairs? For almost three years we have investigated a range of individual human and institutional actors who seem to be playing a prominent role. We often talk about the huge pharmaceutical companies and their friends in international foundations such as the Gates and Rockefeller. They in turn seem to be part of a greater hierarchy consisting of the DOD, DARPA, the NIH, BARDA, FEMA, and the DHS. These institutions, in turn, are dependent on the vast apparatus of debt financing that is the lifeblood of all state leviathans.


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