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Autopsies in VAERS - What did they find?

There are now 378 autopsies in VAERS. This is good news! Perhaps we can use the cause of death information in these reports to assess whether or not the injections caused the deaths.

Contrary to classical approaches, I decided to reduce the size of my data frame by extracting only the VAERS IDs with ‘Autopsy’ as a reported adverse event that were filed within 1 day on death (which reduced the entry number to 145) and in people less than 30 years of age (which reduced the entry number to 8). I really want to check the cases that appear to be outliers.

So with a measly 8 entries, let’s see what the autopsies revealed, if anything. Conveniently in VAERS, there’s something called a ‘SYMPTOM_TEXT’ column where you can find a lot of information not included in the other columns.

I want to point out the most shocking things about each entry (to me anyway) and a summary. Just a reminder, these entries represent a young person who died within 24 hours of being injected with these COVID-19 products. Each one died after injection #2.

  1. 1845034 (Pfizer): 15 year old male; no reported cause of death; spontaneous bronchospasm occurred - this is typically associated with mast cell de-granulation in asthmatics - no history of asthma reported

  2. 1160526 (Pfizer): 27 year old female; died 5 hours after 2nd shot; multicentric reticulohistiocytosis (typically only in 50+), history of hypothyroidism; labs ongoing

  3. 1206323 (Janssen): 21 year old male; reported having vomited and then died in his sleep

  4. 1206330 (Moderna): 27 year old male; history of cardiomegaly

  5. 1247997 (Pfizer): 26 year old male; reported having vomited and found dead in his car

  6. 1365485 (Moderna): 30 year old male; absolutely no history ailment-wise; suffered ‘injection site pain’ and shortness of breath before dying

  7. 1302844 (Moderna): 29 year old male; history...


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