“Australia Is in a Dark Place,” Says Senator Forced Into Quarantine Detention Under Guard

"The fact representatives like Antic, Christensen, Roberts, Kelly and Rennick are seemingly being railroaded by a bloated bureaucracy, and big media, suggests they’re hitting a raw nerve, and are perhaps closer to the truth than Australia’s political class wants them to be."

Another Australian senator has stepped up to oppose the political class’s embrace of COVID-19 powers as if they were permanent, unbridled, and unlimited.

Last week, South Australian Senator Alex Antic (LNP) joined the ranks of dissenters telling Real America’s Voice host, Steve Bannon:

“…we’ve given away a lot of our liberties and freedoms to our unelected bureaucrats. I’ve been a strong opponent of that, particularly for the last six months.”

The lawyer turned senator referenced Victoria as the most blatant example, saying that the COVID response in parts of Australia has been “almost a drift into authoritarianism.”