Australia, I go there again, held as the MODEL of pandemic response, yet today it is a complete fail

See 5 graphs that tell an Australian story of how catastrophic their lockdown lunacy down under was and how they suffered their people (as did New Zealand).

It is the antigenic-specific, high-affinity, high-specificity non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that is driving the failure (selection of infectious variant after variant and enhanced infection in the vaccinated) and not the virus. It is the vaccine, stupid! Not the virus!

We are saying that it is a lie that the vaccine reduces severity etc. for we have data to show that 3rd and 4th shots (boosters) land you up in the hospital e.g. NSW Australian data. Your risk is massive relative to unvaccinated.

It is also the redefinition of what being ‘vaccinated’ means that helped portray a deception and lie so horrible. These beasts in nations like Australia, US, Canada redefined what ‘vaccinated’ was and called those up to 15 days post shot ‘unvaccinated’ and thus counted them as ‘unvaccinated’ for hospitalizations and deaths. They lied to you! So that you as unvaccinated would run off and get the shot. You did! Look at what has happened now! You are on the booster treadmill, cannot get off and you are at risk of even death.

Let me re-run some key Australian graphs as of today July 31st 2022 and as you can see, the death curve follows the case curve; key to look at is that the waves are not getting back to baseline and this means there is massive infectious pressure ongoing (that the sub-optimal vaccinal antibody immune pressure can bump up against) as there is massive virus hanging out there, no herd immunity: