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Are you realizing what is happening yet?

You might not have realized what is happening, but some farmers in Europe are struggling. First came the massive increase in fertilizer prices. Now we have an energy crisis which is causing problems for farmers.

In fact, farmers are having to throw away large quantities of food because they cannot afford the electricity prices, they are literally letting tons and tons of food go to waste because they would loose money by harvesting it.

Just take a look at what is happening in Norway. State run media is reporting about one farmer named Per Odd Gjestvang who is wasting 29 tons of leeks because he would loose money by harvesting and storing the vegetables.

Normally he would pay around $2 400 per month in electricity, but now he would be paying around $40 000 per month. Meaning his electricity prices have gone up by about 16 times or 1600%. This is not sustainable.


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